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We dedicate our products to customers who appreciate the aesthetics of performance. We guarantee the best quality of selected and unique GSM accessories from renowned manufacturers.


As a supplier and manufacturer of GSM accessories, we guarantee not only the largest range of GSM accessories, but also expert advice and the lowest wholesale prices.


We work with both the largest producers in the world as well as smaller and new brands. However, we choose only those producers who bring to the market of GSM accessories the highest quality and original unconventional solutions, which is why we guarantee our customers the highest quality products

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We work only with manufacturers that guarantee the highest quality of their accessories

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    Baseus focuses on every detail so that the user's life can be better thanks to the ideal products of the brand.

  • producents_dux_ducis_logo_etui_case.jpg

    Dux Ducis

    Dux Ducis Technology Co. Ltd is a dynamically growing brand offering a wide range of GSM accessories.

  • producents_mercury_gosperry_logo_etui_ca


    Mercury Goospery is not afraid of new challenges and creates the best, modern designs of phone accessories.

  • producents_nexeri_screen_protector_logo_


    Providing high-quality products, it gains satisfied customers all over the world.

  • Spigen

    With a well-established reputation and extensive experience in the accessories industry, Spigen continues to grow.

  • producents_nillkin_logo_etui_case.jpg


    Thanks to many years of efforts in the production of excellent quality accessories Nillkin gained a good reputation in the industry.

  • producents_MVII_logo_etui_case.jpg


    MSVII is a dynamically developing and offering excellent light, thin and functional phone housings.

  • producents_hoco_logo_etui_case.jpg


    Hoco. creates a wide range of GSM accessories such as phone cases, cables, speakers, chargers, wireless headphones.

  • producents_rock_logo_etui_case.jpg


    Rock to producent  akcesoriów GSM  o najwyższej jakości takich jak etui, kable, głośniki, ładowarki, słuchawki 

  • producents_REMAX_logo_etui_case.jpg


    Remax jest rozpoznawalną w świecie marką produkującą akcesoria gsm do wszystkich modeli telefonów na rynku.

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