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Since its initial establishment in 2009 through many years development, the brand has become a globally known brand with a wide range of products.


Its main product are power accessories, car accessories and spare parts for mobile and digital phones.

A huge selection

As the core brand of the company, “hoco.” has developed its agents in more than 50 countries in the world and its product range has expanded from traditional protective type to mobile phone film, charging device, power bank, audio products, video products, vehicle-mounted devices, small home furnishing, smart home products, outdoor and sport products, computers, swagger bags, children’s education products, etc.

Hoco company. creates a wide range of premium accessories, such as phone cases, cables, speakers, chargers, wireless headphones, power banks.

Unique technology

ensuring functionality

Modern design

Modern solutions

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Highest quality

Hoco insists on quality first and is devoted to building simple, practical and multi-color products with a young style.


is growing

in strength

hoco. accessories made of durable materials are a guarantee of durable cables with long-term use.

For production, it uses high-quality synthetic materials, such as braided nylon fiber. The cables have high break resistance.

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  • Accessories are equipped with sensors that adjust the power of the current according to the needs of our smartphone.

  • Protection against dangerous overvoltages and overloads.

  • Possibility of connecting two devices for efficient data synchronization.

  • Induction charging technology.


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