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Satisfied customers are users, so they are the basis for business development - this is the main motto of the Baseus brand.

Baseus is the digital brand of 3C accessories from Shenzhen Times Innovation Technology Co. Ltd. since 2009., which integrates research and development - R&D, design, production, and sales.

Baseus's motto is full professionalism and customer satisfaction. The name Baseus was created by combining the words "Base on User". This confirms the spirit of "overcoming difficulties with the greatest ease" and also to emphasize the value of the brand.

stylish minimalism

Baseus is a technologically innovative company

We specialize in the production of the highest quality GSM accessories.

We design and manufacture practical and beautiful

accessories for mobile


We care about the whole design process in such a way as to

provide the highest quality accessories.

Without unnecessary luxury and exaggeration, only pure and noble minimalism.

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All beautiful products 
should be practical


We specialize in the practical and aesthetic design of our products. We focus on product development among original mobile phones.

When designing, we focus on stylish simplicity and elegance.

Practical and aesthetic design is the concept of the Baseus brand. We focus on providing users with practical and aesthetic products for mobile phones. We integrate the latest GSM technologies, environmentally friendly materials and fashionable design with our projects, confirming the unique "Baseus" style.

We focus
on products

Thanks to the modern and simple elements of our accessories, you can choose the purest combination of colors and choose products with the best, tasteful style.

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The highest
quality of GSM accessories

From the choice of materials to technology processing, from color matching to structure definition, Baseus focuses on every detail. The point is that the real and practical elements in life should be simple and purely balanced and that the life of the user could be better thanks to the good color matching and humanization of the project.

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& Stylish design

Attention to detaill


Functionality and convenience

The security of your device

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