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The Remax brand has been dynamically developing on the GSM accessories market since 2008. The company offers its clients a wide range of products for protection and various amenities in the GSM environment.

High-quality covers for various types of devices, Bluetooth and wired headphones that provide top-class sound, functional and sophisticated car accessories, as well as reliable cables for data transmission and charging devices.

A diverse offer

Remax specializes in products dedicated mainly to Apple smartphones and creates covers, cables, wires, chargers, tempered glass, HF headphones, headphones and BT sets, car holders, powerbanks. They are all characterized by creative design, high quality workmanship and stylish packaging.

Made of excellent quality materials, Remax products are the perfect complement to any device for any occasion. The brand is characterized by:

Attention to details

Top class, functionality, refinement

Solutions in modern technology and reliability

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Large selection

and great quality

The producer Remax is not afraid of new challenges and creates better

and better solutions for GSM accessories. Remax hits new markets and is constantly expanding its offer.


from Remax

The company offers a huge selection of charging cables and transmitting high-quality data.


The cables are finished with a durable and flexible insulation, which ensures their reliability.


Remax took care of the accuracy during the production of inputs, so there is no fear of damage to ports in devices.


The offer includes different lengths of cables, they are also compatible with many devices.

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  • The brand puts certain protection on every device and offers a case in various colors and designs - from light, sophisticated to elegant. Everyone will find something for himself.

  • Remax powerbanks are large capacity and stable operation while maintaining full device security. They are very convenient to use and provide energy at any time.

  • Car chargers and network adapters ensure stable operation and safe charging while traveling.

  • Car holders are compatible with most devices. Provide static while driving. Easy and solid mounting and convenient access to all phone functions.

  • High-quality Bluetooth headphones. Compatible with most devices, they will ensure high-quality sound transmission and allow convenient conversations during other activities.


from Remax

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