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The Rock company offers a high quality, recommendable wide range of GSM accessories.

The offer includes mainly USB cables, lighthing, micro and type-c terminals, car accessories - chargers and holders.

High quality

at a reasonable price

Rock products are of high quality, made of durable and resistant materials, but also have a reasonable price.

You will find a wide range of accessories for mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, GSM accessories such as cables, chargers, holders and stands.

Rock symbolizes power
 and strength

Cables are covered with a nylon braid, which prevents chafing

A flexible braid protects the wires inside and thus increases their resistance when bending

All cables undergo 10,000 connections tests, so they will last a long time.

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High class

Rock pays great attention to the quality of its accessories and creates strong, practical and durable products in an aesthetic edition.

Super-modern technology

- Fast charging technology ensures connected devices quick and safe energy renewal.

- Compatible with both older and newer models of Android smartphones and Apple devices


- Modern design

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Rock and car accessories

  • classic chargers with two USB ports

  • advanced FM transmitters for example to play music from our phone

  • handles mounted on the cockpit, windshield or seat headrest.

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