The Nexeri brand was created to offer customers the best protection and the most modern product as well as the highest quality in the field of accessories designed for mobile phones.

Passion and attention to detail as well as the highest professionalism make our team stand out from the competition.

light and thin

Made of the highest quality extremely hard material.



Unique technology to protect against scratches

perfectly transparent

99% light transmission guarantees perfect image quality.



The unique coating makes the screen resistant to dirt.



The special technology of workmanship, which combines the best features of foil and glass makes it not palpable on the phone screen, thus guaranteeing a good finger slide and high comfort of use.

Nexeri 9H tempered glass

Nexeri offers almost invisible, only 0.2 mm tempered glass flexible glass nano - the highest quality, modern flexible protective film.

High protection against  scratches 9H

Resistant to scratches on metal, plastic, nails and other hard objects

99% light transparency


Tested, real scratch resistance at 9H.

Unique technology to prevent display cracking

Minimizes the risk of damage to the phone screen.


The goal of the Nexeri brand is to provide the highest quality GSM accessories to customers around the world.

An oleophobic coating keeps the screen clean at all times

Resistant to greasy marks, fingerprints and streaks.

Easy to install, without using additional glue

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