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Dux Ducis


Dux Ducis Technology Co. Ltd is a dynamically growing brand offering a wide range of GSM accessories.


The company's offer includes covers for mobile devices and cables for data transmission and charging devices.


Dux Ducis products are dedicated to customers who value aesthetics. The producer is famous for the use of the best quality, selected and resistant materials.

Case, covers, holsters, holders

Dux Ducis, developing its products, focuses on combining design with innovation, simplicity, and perfection. The offer includes bestselling, elegant and practical case models for phones and tablets. Dux Ducis products are a combination of functionality and excellent appearance.

effective protection against light shocks and a unique look

free access to interfaces, thanks to precisely made notches

convenience of use - "wallet" models, with a pocket for a payment card or ID card

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Over 20 years

of experience


Dux Ducis can boast over 20 years of experience in the mobile telephony market. He created a global sales network covering over 30 countries in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East and China. The company is conquering new markets. The headquarters of Dux Ducis is located in the city of Shenzhen with two production support centers in the Dongguan and Guangzhou areas.



The philosophy of Dux Ducis is based on an individual approach to the client and the need to provide solutions that make life easier and more enjoyable. The company's goal is to create functional and practical products.

When developing and testing each product, members of the Dux Ducis team are deeply focused on the final result. A good product is one that gives satisfaction from everyday use. Dux Ducis team perfectly knows about it. Every day, designers and technologists focus on providing effective solutions. The aim is to prepare a product whose use will provide a unique aesthetic and functional experience.



Cables, chargers, adapters

Dux Ducis offers modern GSM accessories compatible with the latest smartphone models, equipped with the latest technological solutions.

The offer includes a wide selection of accessories for mobile phones.

materials are carefully selected by an experienced team of technologists and designers

materials used to manufacture accessories are previously tested for durability

guarantee of work that meets the manufacturer's specification

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from use

Originality, elegance, and functionality. Dux Ducis prepares for customers exceptional GSM accessories with great care.

precise execution enabling comfortable and easy use

offer for people who value originality and durability

design inspired by the latest trends

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From passion

to technology


The Dux Ducis team consists of experienced specialists who are passionate about expanding knowledge about innovation and effective technological solutions that make life easier.


In everyday work, members of the Dux Ducis team are guided by the principle of "Quality Focus, Client First". Technological knowledge, the highest quality and individual approach to the customer are the overriding principles of the company.


An undeniable advantage of the company is a team consisting of creative people who are constantly driven by the need to strive for perfection in the production of the best products.





Strength of products is a consequence of investing in the best materials used for the production of GSM accessories. Fabrics and materials must meet criteria meticulously defined by Dux Ducis specialists. The combination of durable and modern materials, such as polycarbonate and eco leather, guarantees resistance to scratches, shocks and light impacts.

Univertel is the official distributor of Dux Ducis products.

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