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MSVII products are characterized by very high quality. Millions of customers around the world appreciate the attention to detail and precision with which MSVII products are made.


Highest quality

  • Attention to details

  • Modern fashionable design

  • Subtle simplicity

  • Maximum freedom of use

MSVII is an increasingly recognizable company, dynamically developing
and offering excellent light, thin and functional phone housings.

Exceptional, highest quality

Huge assortment selection

A wide range of available colors

Professional phone protection

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MSVII protection

  • The best material for the production

  • Perfectly protects against damage

  • Longer equipment life


The brand's products are lightweight, thanks to which they don't deform the original shapes of the device.

Impact resistant.

Scratch protection.

Temperature resistant.

Protection against mechanical damage.

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MSVII more

  • Ultra thin

  • Durable

  • Doesn't make the phone thicken

  • Provides resistance to fingerprints

  • Flawless appearance

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