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Complaints about goods

Terms of complaint


We are a store for which customer satisfaction is a priority. That is why we try to make the quality of our services and offered goods in the store at the highest level. In the case of defective products, complaints should be addressed to: UNIVERTEL s.c. Jarosław Pawlik, Ewa Makarewicz, al. 1-go Maja 14, 90-718, Łódź, Each complaint will be considered by us within 14 days of its receipt. In the event of ambiguities, we will contact the customer directly to arrange the details and the specific date for considering the complaint.

UNIVERTEL.COM is not a producer of goods. UNIVERTEL.COM is not responsible for the warranty of the sold goods. The manufacturer may be liable under the warranty of the sold goods under the conditions and for the period indicated in the warranty card. If the warranty document provides for this possibility, the Customer may submit his claims under the warranty directly at the authorized service whose address is in the warranty card. To make a complaint, you can use the form which can be found at the link below:


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