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When Facebook is spying on us

Facebook is spying on us - what to do?

Social media is now available everywhere, on our cell phones, laptops, and computers. We install these applications on our smartphones and most often we don't pay attention to the requirements and consents of the above applications in order to use them properly.

Every activity on the Internet, in turn, is deposited in history and leaves a mark. Various websites and portals try to collect as much information as possible about us. This is mainly for marketing purposes to display advertisements specially selected for us. And Facebook has access to both our activity on its board but also sees the websites we visit and our activity on the Internet.

But we can prevent Facebook from being spied on. For some time now, we have more options for checking privacy and more options to check according to our preferences. This allows us to view and delete our data, and even completely stop recording our activity outside of Facebook.

To stop spying on social media such as Facebook, go to Settings - Your information on Facebook and then Activity outside of Facebook. After entering the password, we will gain access to the list of all pages that provided Facebook with information about our movements. At the top, we can check how FB got these activities.

In the Manage future activity option, we have access to our activity history, we can delete it, and we can decide how our Internet activity is used.

To disable receiving themed advertisements and block spying, just click Disable future activity.

Remember to take care of our privacy settings, keep an eye on our personal data and be careful what records we consent to when installing the application on phones.

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