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Cellular network coverage matters

Good cellular network coverage is of great importance to us. It is certainly frustrating when we go on a trip and lose coverage or lose it at the stopping point. Mountains, places away from large cities, mobile transport - car, train, etc. are places and situations in which we may feel the lack of Internet access or the inability to make a telephone connection.

At the time of deciding to purchase a telephone subscription, it is important for us to be informed about the quality of the coverage of the selected operator.

Currently, the largest providers of mobile telephony in Poland are Orange, Play, Plus and T-Mobile.

Before traveling, buying an overnight stay, and deciding to build a new house away from the city, it is worth doing an Internet coverage test and checking the map of mobile network coverage in Poland.

Maps are available on the operators' websites. After entering a specific address or city, the interactive map will allow us to determine the range of mobile telephony.

We can also use the so-called filters offered on the maps of some operators, which will help determine which operator has the greatest coverage at the moment and whether we will have good access to the network. We can see, for example, the coverage of LTE, 2G, 3G, and 5G networks also inside buildings.

Another solution is to use a mobile application, such as RFBenchmark, which is used to check the quality and speed of our operators' networks.

From year to year, each GSM operator fights for better infrastructure and sets up new base stations. The introduction of 5G technology has concentrated the distribution of base stations responsible for the quality of connections, and the quality of coverage has been significantly improved. Thanks to such development in Poland, we can enjoy better and better mobile Internet coverage.

The frequency we use is also important in receiving the range well. The lower it is, the better the cellular network coverage is.

The quality of connections and the range of mobile operators also depend on the topography of the area and weather conditions. In the mountains and in the lowlands, we can have problems with good net reception, and lightning discharges during storms can affect the range.

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