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Touch screen problem

How to troubleshoot a non-working touchscreen? Touch screens can be found in smartphones, tablets, laptops with iOS, Android or Windows systems.

In the event of a disturbance in the operation of the touch screen, the first step that should be taken is to turn off the device, clean the screen with a soft, dry cloth and restart.

We should also check that the cover - the protective case fits snugly and doesn't touch the screen anywhere, which could cause interference. Perhaps moving it, correcting it, or removing it will make our screen work properly.

We should also make sure that the screen is not sprinkled with water or that the equipment has not become wet, and that our hands are dry and we don't wear gloves.

If the touch screen of the phone, tablet, or laptop doesn't respond, first turn off the device and remove the SIM cards, memory cards, and any peripherals (keyboard, mouse, additional monitor, etc.) from it - these elements may have caused a conflict with the device and interference in the correct operation of the touch screen.

Sometimes the problem with the operation of the touch screen appears due to a new application installed. To check if this is the reason why the touch screen is not working, start the phone in safe mode. Applications and programs don't load in this mode, so if you find that the touchscreen starts working after entering safe mode, there is a problem with the app or program you downloaded.

On the other hand, in the case of a Windows device, it may be helpful to update the drivers and reinstall the touch screen.

In the event of a smartphone dropping and disruptions in the operation of the touch screen, perhaps we are dealing with the disconnection of the digitizer connection. The digitizer is a transparent layer placed between the image display and the device's glass, protecting against damage. Sometimes it is enough to gently press the phone casing in each corner. If the touchscreen still has interference, you will have to disassemble the smartphone with the help of a professional repair shop.

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