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Safe mode on your phone

Safe mode in Android system is a diagnostic mode that works without external applications, and supports the basic activities of a smartphone, computer, or other such devices. It can help you remove hung processes that could lead to malfunction of the operating system.

It is often used when we want to solve problems caused by system infection with malware. In safe mode, Android (or iOS) itself loads, making it easier for us to find the reason for the phone's incorrect behavior.

Sometimes we have a need to factory reset the phone. In the Android system, we can do it by entering safe mode. We will also use Safe Mode to fix software bugs. Safe mode will also help in detecting errors caused by, for example, a malicious application.

How do we turn safe mode on and off?

The easiest way to do this is to press and hold the Power button, then tap and hold the Power off button until you see the Reboot to Safe Mode message. Confirming OK will start the phone in safe mode.

To turn off the safe mode on your phone, you just need to restart your smartphone. If your phone stays in safe mode, make sure you remove all problems. In this situation, we can exit safe mode by turning off the phone and restarting it by holding down the volume down and volume up keys at the same time. When your phone starts booting up, let go of the keys. With the phone still in safe mode, let's check the apps. Entering Settings - Application manager, uninstall recently installed applications and start the phone to exit safe mode.

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