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The best USB cable from Baseus

The manufacturer Baseus is one of the most famous manufacturers of phone accessories, which offers high-quality cables, chargers, lamps, covers for tablets, laptops, car holders, headphones, power banks, transmitters, selfie sticks and many other GSM accessories.

The concept of the Baseus brand is not only the highest quality of gadgets for phones, but also a practical and aesthetic design. That is why the USB 2in1 Type C cable with the Lenovo laptop charging adapter is a very strong 2 m long cable in a nylon braid.

This original cable allows you to transfer data at speeds up to 480 Mbps (USB 2.0), as well as charge the battery in the phone. The Baseus cable is adapted to support many fast charging technologies. Thanks to the fact that it can withstand a load of up to 100 W, you can even charge a Lenovo laptop with it, thanks to the built-in adapter - an adapter for a rectangular connector.

The Baseus brand integrates the latest GSM technologies, environmentally friendly materials and fashionable design with its designs, confirming the unique style of "Baseus".

The USB cable in a nylon braid from the Baseus manufacturer is durable, has additional reinforcements at the ends of the plugs, making it more resistant to damage. It is extremely resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage and effectively protects the internal transmission bundle.

An additional gadget is the Velcro tape attached to the set, thanks to which the cable will take up less space.


Cable length: 2 m

USB standard: USB 2.0 480 Mbps

Maximum load: up to 100 W

Maximum current: 5 A

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