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Do you know that...

Continuous technological progress contributes to greater consumer demand. Each of us would like to have a better and better phone, laptop, computer, smartwatch, tablet, watch, camera, and so on. That is why GSM manufacturers improve their products every year.


Today we have some interesting facts for you about the progressing GSM technology. Did you know that before cell phones came, we used traditional mail to send a letter, telegram or use a telephone? Sure you do, but do you know when the voicemail arrived?

Voicemail was invented by engineer Scott A. Jones and implemented in his company Boston Technology. In 1986, he sold voicemail to Comverse for $ 849 million. At that time, all the major manufacturers of mobile phones took advantage of Jones' idea, and as you know, we still use voicemail.


We have previously described various telephone phobias, such as nomophobia and smombies. Today we are going to talk about another popular phobia related to the telephone. This is telephobia, which is the fear of making a phone call and the fear of receiving bad news. People with telephobia fear uncomfortable silence or stuttering and how they will fall out during a phone call.


Ringxiety is a mental disorder where people with this condition often feel the phone vibrate or hear its ring, when no one really calls or writes.

And now for something nicer.

Do you know that ...

In Finland, one of the sports is throwing a mobile phone ;)

And did you know that the average person unlocks their phone 110 times on average?

In the UK, it has been reported that more than 100,000 phones fall into toilets each year.

Today, phones, smartphones and tablets or i-pads are replacing MP3 players, cameras and netbooks. We use their great possibilities and we will use even more. That is why in our you will find a lot of GSM accessories for your phones - headphones, batteries, chargers, power banks, cases, covers, tempered glass, speakers, holders, cables, and many other accessories for mobile phones, welcome!

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