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Bluetooth speaker - which one to choose?

Wireless Bluetooth speakers have become very popular. They are a very convenient solution at parties, picnics, and holidays. These devices allow us to listen to music from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop virtually anywhere, without the need for access to electricity. Bluetooth speakers amplify the sound and make the music even more fun.

So what should we pay attention to when choosing this type of speaker?

No wiring and a built-in battery is a huge advantage of this type of Bluetooth speakers.

The technical specifications will be the most important factor when choosing the best Bluetooth speaker. The higher the decibel power, the louder the music can be played. Unfortunately, Bluetooth speakers are usually small, so their power is limited. As a rule, such speakers have a power of 10 to 20W. Some available speakers have up to 50W of power, but they will be much larger devices. When buying a Bluetooth speaker, we should pay special attention to the RMS - Root Mean Square parameters, which mean effective power.

The design of the Bluetooth speaker is an equally important element that we should pay attention to. There are speakers with built-in two or three speakers. As a rule of thumb, more speakers in a given Bluetooth speaker should make the sound quality better. For those, in turn, for whom bass sound is important, a nice solution will be a loudspeaker with a built-in subwoofer. It is certainly worth listening and paying attention to the sound that is coming out and choose the one that we like the most.

The range of most Bluetooth speaker models is at least 10 meters, and some of them also have a jack input, so we can connect them via cable to the selected audio device. Certainly, if we want to use the loudspeaker outdoors, we should pay attention to effectiveness or efficiency, which consists of checking the sound level measured at a specific distance from the loudspeaker. The greater the efficiency, the more energy-efficient the device will be. An example of good performance for a Bluetooth speaker is 80-90 dB.

At the same time, the operating time of the charged speaker and the type of power supply will be important parameters. Manufacturers often offer several power options - rechargeable, via a power adapter, or a USB cable. Those with a battery are an additional convenience. Good Bluetooth speakers can last from 7-10 hours to even several hours of continuous working.

The purity of THD sound is another important thing when choosing a good Bluetooth speaker - the so-called distortion level, which is given as a percentage. We don't need to know anything about it, but you should know that the lower the percentage, the better the sound.

What else should you pay attention to? It is certainly worth taking an interest in intuitive operation. Simple operation, comfortable buttons and a small number of them - power on / off, volume up and down, easy selection and change of the mode of the songs played, as well as a quick and trouble-free pairing for the beginning, are equally important features that we pay attention to when choosing the best Bluetooth speaker.

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