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Applications for editing movies on a smartphone

Until recently, it was not possible or quite inconvenient to mount a movie on a mobile phone. Currently, we have a lot of applications on the GSM market that allow us to quickly and easily edit a video.

What are the most interesting video editing applications and which are worth your attention?


It is an application for iPhone users. The creators took care of intuitive operation and easy cutting, slowing down or speeding up the image. In the IMovie application, we can choose two types of effect - clip or trailer. The application also allows you to easily transfer videos to your computer.


It is an Android application that has a lot of advanced features. Brightness, contrast, and color saturation can be improved. It will be quite efficient for us to stabilize the shot and of course crop, rotate, slow down, or speed up the image. PowerDirector is the most popular video editing application, but the free version has limitations on, for example, exporting files.


InShot is a phone application that has highly developed functionalities and allows you to very efficiently edit a video on your smartphone. However, it is famous for the fact that there is a watermark on the film, which we can get rid of, but it is quite expensive. The application allows you to adjust the video size to social media and is often used by tiktokers. If we don't mind the watermark, the app is recommendable.

Quik GoPro

For GoPro users, but not only. The Quik GoPro App is very intuitive and convenient to use. It allows the mobile phone user to edit short and dynamic videos. In addition to the basic functionalities, it offers a database of audio clips and enables their easy synchronization with music. It is also possible to add inscriptions and stickers to them. Quik GoPro is a very cool application for editing videos on mobile phones.


It is an application distinguished by an intuitive interface. FilmoraGo is a powerful mobile movie maker application for mobile devices with the Google Android operating system. Tiktokers are happy to use it. It has simple and easy handling of basic functions such as filters, the ability to trim, transition effects, and adding subtitles. If we want to use additional functionalities, we will have to use the paid version.


This app even supports 4K videos. We assemble the movies on a convenient timeline, and the main usefulness are, among others, image stabilization, color correction, motion tracking, and even editing videos recorded up to 240 frames per second. ActionDirector is a professional tool for monitoring and editing sports videos (Action type).


KineMaster is a highly developed program that allows you to edit movies on a smartphone or tablet. We have the opportunity to work on the timeline here. The application is very functional, it offers many tools for trimming and cutting images, audio, or text in detail. It is supported by iOS and Android devices.

Choosing the right phone app for video editing is up to you. We recommend a lot of GSM accessories for your smartphones. For example, a selfie stick, lighting, car or bicycle holder, charger, power bank, battery, the memory card will certainly be useful to record the appropriate movie. Well, here you will find even more phone accessories. We recommend us!

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