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Choosing a car phone holder

A good car phone holder is an important thing. When driving a car, thanks to this holder, we can freely use the navigation or talk on the phone (in the absence of a Bluetooth connection). We certainly don't want our smartphone to fall on the floor or fall between the seats while driving.

GSM accessories in the form of car holders for smartphones are a perfect solution. Using a mobile phone while driving will now become safe and comfortable.

Which car holder to choose from? Mounted to the ventilation grille or maybe to the glass? There are many choices of GSM accessories of this type.

The handles mounted on the glass are easy to mount on a suction cup. But the downside may be that they can obscure the driver's visibility.

The grille-mounted handles are certainly more secure because they don't obstruct the field of view while driving.

There are also magnetic holders with a strong suction cup and mounting to the cockpit - dashboard.

The choice of GSM accessories of this type will not be easy, because we can choose and choose from a really large assortment. GSM manufacturers offer a variety of solutions, such as gravity phone mounting technology. You only need to use one hand to insert and pull out the phone. Such a holder ensures a perfect fit for any phone because its arms automatically adjust to the size of the device.

In modern car holders for mobile phones, the common three support points can help to keep the device secure and a firm fixture to ensure the grip is stable.

Some of the suction cups on the windshield mount models are so strong that they can be installed not only on the windshield but also on the cockpit.

The handles can be rotated up to 360 ° and the angle of the position can be adjusted, so finding the optimal position is very easy.

Currently, GSM accessories dominate the market. Almost every adult in the civilized world has a cell phone. Mobile accessories are an indispensable attribute of every phone owner. And we offer the best GSM accessories and more in the online store Here you will find, among others packaging, covers, phone cases, cables, chargers, adapters, car holders, bicycle holders, power banks, earphones and headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and lots of other GSM gadgets.

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