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How to block an unwanted number on your phone

Certainly many of us have been plagued by unwanted calls from telemarketers from unknown companies with offers of their great products or services. What if we are harassed by someone with his calls or we are simply not interested in receiving this type of offer and want to limit such calls?

Unfortunately, it is not enough to tell the interviewee that we are not interested in receiving such offers. Our number will remain in the database of such a company and the next day we will receive a call attempt from this number again. If the constantly ringing phone interferes with our free existence and we are not interested in the offer, it is worth blocking such a number.

Some phones have a built-in function to catch unwanted phone numbers and mark them. It works so that if a given phone number has been repeatedly reported as unwanted by other people, our phone will mark the calling number with the information - Suspected spam, etc.

If we realized that a given phone number is spam and we don't want to receive such calls, just enter the edit menu - information about this number on the phone (on the list of recent calls) and select the Block icon. Depending on the manufacturer of a given smartphone, we can meet the phrase Blocking a number or Add to blocked.

In both Android and iOS phones - Play Store and App Store, we can also find a number of applications that will help in blocking unwanted phone numbers, for example, the Answer the phone application is a very popular application? We can use this type of help in verifying unwanted numbers.

At the moment, every Polish mobile operator gives its subscribers the ability to block unwanted numbers and transfer them to the black list. And:


In order to enable number blocking, enter on the keypad: * 110 * 71 #.


To activate the service, dial: * 111 * 114 * 1 #, and to disable it, dial: * 111 * 114 * 2 #.


Log in to the My T-Mobile website, select the Services tab and then Security and locks, select Call blocking from restricted numbers and click change.


In order to activate the blockade, enter the Plus Online application. In the Services tab, we find the appropriate blocking option and this way we can block all unwanted numbers.

Nju Mobile

Send a free BPA ACT message to the number 8087. Deactivation means sending a BPA REZ message.

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