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3MK producer from Poland

Manufacturer 3MK is our native manufacturer of protective accessories for smartphones with over ten years of experience. The company has been involved in the production of cases, protective films as well as tempered and hybrid glasses for years.


The manufacturer fulfills the promise that the devices can be protected without affecting their appearance and easily fitted into the crowd of many world leading manufacturers.


3MK is a producer that has strengthened its market position by offering high-quality protective accessories for mobile devices for the largest brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, Sony and a whole lot of other brands.


What makes 3MK stand out?

  • Care for a wide offer - screen protection - foils and glasses for all phone and tablet models

  • Comprehensive service for the most demanding customers

  • Availability of the latest device models

  • Research, development, quality control

  • Focus on the speed of introducing the latest models to the offer

  • Maintaining constant and high quality parameters


Laser precision

  • 3MK uses the most durable components that require modern production technology

  • Thanks to the lasers, the company's products have imperceptible edges

  • Perfect fit for devices

  • Accessories thanks to which the product gains a new quality

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The best glass for your smartphone

3MK's products have been repeatedly awarded many prizes for the best products, for a brand enjoying high recognition or a certificate confirming the highest quality of components used and distinguishing technological solutions against the background of over 20 other global manufacturers of protective films.


Simple assembly

The manufacturer offers accessories with its products to facilitate assembly


Anti-Bubble Card - used to remove air bubbles from under the foil or glass during assembly.

Dust-Fix ™ - a small leaf attached to 3MK products, facilitating the installation of the film, thanks to which we will get rid of dust particles and bubbles from under the film or glass


Fit-In ™ - mounting stickers that allow you to precisely fit film and glass to the screen in four easy steps. Thanks to them, the assembly of foil and glass is very intuitive and fast.

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