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The JOYROOM brand is known around the world for high-end 3C mobile phone accessories, protective products, functional electronic products, etc.

The owner of the JOYROOM brand, Shenzhen Nito Power Source Technology Co., Ltd, was founded in
2009 and its global marketing center is located in Shenzhen, China.

This place is extremely important for the company because it is an international metropolis that currently plays an important role in the development of research and development in the field of advanced technologies.


The highest quality of JOYROOM products

  • We focus on developing and selling high quality products in the area of 3C accessories

  • The materials are carefully selected and the projects creative and tailored to the needs of customers

  • We can boast of an experienced team of technologists and designers
    We guarantee authenticity and the highest quality


Modern facilities

JOYROOM offers a wide range of accessories for mobile phones, such as: phone cases, protective
glasses, induction chargers, wireless chargers, car chargers, power banks, car holders, magnetic car
holders, cables, headphones, adapters etc.

JOYROOM brand products are created with passion, from the highest quality materials, in the care of employees' comfort. The company has modern office facilities and a comfortable working atmosphere.

Factories with both production and warehouse space occupy a total of over 10,000 m2, and production lines and the logistics system are very convenient and efficient.

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JOYROOM is a large,
well-known brand

Currently, JOYROOM has developed a strong network of distributors not only in China, but also abroad in over 100 countries, and the annual turnover is over 83 million dollars.


Simple assembly

  • Company goals and values Construction of the largest platform of functional and fashionable products

  • Attention to detail and focus on results

  • Honesty and stability Innovation and benefits for everyone

  • honest communication

  • The company's foundation is the Win-Win principle, i.e. cooperation based on mutual satisfaction and 

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We are PRO

Professional design team - our projects set the latest trends

Professional research and development team - we pay attention to the value and quality of our products

Professional management team - quick coordination of internal work, dealing with problems and good

A strong warehouse logistics management team - modern warehouses are managed by a professional team that ensures that our product can be delivered on time and intact.

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