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What is BIXBY VOICE and how to turn it on?

Maybe not everyone uses it, but have certainly heard of assistants like Alexa, Siri or the Google assistant. Bixby is their Samsung counterpart.

This proprietary Samsung voice assistant was created in 2017 and is successively improved and updated. It can be activated using a special button on the side of new smartphones. After moving the screen to the side, a virtual helper interface appears, thanks to which, for example, we can enter text by voice.

From the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10, we can also choose the ways of interacting with the Bixby button in the settings, after selecting the Bixby button tab and thus invoke the assistant with one press, double press, or a little longer hold. We can also assign the selected application to open here, so we don't need to use only the Bixby application.

But Samsung's smartphones are not only condemned to Bixby. We can decide, for example, on Google Assistant, which is dedicated to Android. Those who prefer service in Polish should even use it, because Bixby is currently not available in the Polish language at the moment.

The Bixby voice assistant has two variants - Bixby Home, where the smartphone learns our interactions and adjusts the content to our needs, and Bixby Vision, which is integrated with the camera, gallery and applications. Thanks to this, we will receive answers to the images that we see on the phone screen. Bixby will "see" QR codes, landmarks, and also our purchases.

Using Bixby Voice requires us to be signed in to our Samsung account, and we need to go through a few simple steps to get started for the first time.

Certainly, such a voice assistant will make our life easier. We may ask him to search for various information, or to write and send a message, or to search for a specific piece of music or program. Bixby definitely outperforms the competition in speed and ease of launch.

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