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Desktop tripod for video recording

As we know, technological development in the world of GSM mobile telephony allows us today to use smartphones for many interesting applications. One of them is home filming.

A desk stand with a ring lamp will help and facilitate recording vlogs, streaming, or illuminating the face during a video call on a mobile phone or while taking a selfie on a smartphone. It will also be a helpful and perfect solution for, for example, makeup preparation.

Thanks to the ring lamp for the desk, we can organize a small photo studio or a photo set and get professionally illuminated portrait or product photos, which we can easily take with our smartphone.

The lamp has 72 built-in LEDs, it is quite large, with a diameter of about 16 cm. It will successfully provide excellent lighting. Thanks to the fact that it is mounted on a ball, we can set any angle to best illuminate the desired object. It is possible to attach up to three phone holders to the tripod. In addition, we have the option of adjusting the angle of mounting the phone. The smartphone can be rotated 360 degrees.

The ring lamp has an option to adjust the lighting modes. We can choose one of the three possibilities of light intensity - three lighting modes - warm light, neutral and cold. The convenient remote control, which you will find on the cable, is helpful in selecting the given option. The built-in control panel allows you to quickly change the mode and adjust the brightness.

To power the lamp, just connect it to our mobile phone charger. The lamp has a built-in cable with a USB plug. It is folded and installed easily and quickly, which is certainly an additional advantage.


Model: Mobile Phone Live Desktop Stand

Manufacturer number: KSC-469

Material: ABS + Metal

Lamp size: approx. 16 cm (diameter)

Product Size: 26.3cm * 12.8cm * 48.5cm

Maximum height: 66 cm

Product weight: 741g

Power: 6W

Input voltage: 5V / 2A

Light modes: cold light, warm light, mixed light

Power supply: USB port

You can buy the kit here:, and the kit includes: desk stand, lamp, 3x phone holder and original packaging.

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