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Ranking - the best smartphones for 2021 - part 2

In part 2, we will present more smartphone models at reasonable prices up to PLN 2000, which are worth paying attention to. Which phone models are functional, which have a cool camera etc.

iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus smartphone from Apple with 5.5 inch screen, IPS TFT display. 12 Mpix wide-angle camera integrated with a telephoto camera offering greater zooms, 3 GB RAM, a very efficient 2900mAh battery - a good choice for Apple lovers. The model is equipped with the most powerful A10 Fusion processor, has a new, advanced physical button Home. It is characterized by a waterproof design, the brightest and most colorful display, stereo speakers, and the set includes EarPods headphones with a Lightning connector. Supports network: LTE. We will pay about PLN 1600 for it.

Xiaomi Mi 10T

6.67 inch screen, IPS TFT display. 64 Mpx camera, 6 GB RAM, 5000mAh battery. Supports network: 5G. It not only offers high-quality photos but also allows you to shoot videos in 8K. Both the large screen, the high performance of the Snapdragon 865 processor, and great components ensure smooth operation and functionality, which will be appreciated by the most demanding users and players. We will buy it for around PLN 1500.

Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G

The Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G phone model is equipped with a processor - Snapdragon 778. The display is Super AMOLED with a high refresh rate of 120 Hz, a brightness of 800 nits. Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G received stereo speakers, a 5G modem, and a 3.5 mm jack connector. It is characterized by performance, water resistance, and OIS in the camera, and the matrix has been optimized to reduce the emission of blue light. It costs less than PLN 2000.

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