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Do you know that...

For those interested in the world of GSM and ICT technology, we have a few curiosities that will surely attract your attention.

For starters, we recommend our previous entries, where we wrote not only about the first mobile phones, their history, and development, but also discussed the topic of nomophobia and smombies. You must check it out, it's worth it.

And today - do you know that the Japanese use their smartphones a lot ... in the shower? Therefore, as much as 90% of smartphones on the Japanese market must be waterproof.

We don't know if it's not dangerous, but in recent times a new term for people who are addicted to smartphones has emerged. They were called Smartphone zombies, or Smombie. We wrote about it here:

And have you noticed that a text message can contain up to 160 characters? Why? Well, the SMS creator Friedhelm Hillebrand calculated on average how many characters are contained in postcards and messages sent by fax. Hillebrand confirmed that more than 150 characters are not normally used in such messages.

And did you know that in 2008 it was predicted that the Android operating system would die a natural death, but in 2015 Android gained 82.8% of the market share and surprised everyone, leaving iOS far behind.

It is worth mentioning here another new concept, which is Nomophobia. This is an irrational fear of missing a signal from a cell phone or not being able to contact using a cell phone. We wrote about it here:

Do you know what textonyms are? These are dictionary bloopers. You probably sent a text message, which was modified by the popular T9 dictionary, more than once in a hurry.

And in our warehouse you will find interesting things in the form of covers and cases for mobile phones, headphones for smartphones of various manufacturers and in various colors, batteries, cables, chargers, car and bicycle holders, sports phone sachets and other small items, various speakers, power banks, transmitters, and many other GSM accessories. Be sure to check out our rich offer.

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