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Our customers deserve the highest quality products

MyScreenPROTECTOR - a leading manufacturer of protection of screens and surfaces of electronic
devices, a brand created by the Polish company Lamel, associated with the GSM industry since 1996. It was created in response to the huge development of digital telephony and the need to protect screens of electronic devices.

MyScreenPROTECTOR is a brand that offers a wide selection of glass and foil protecting screens, as well as products protecting the entire surface of mobile devices. High-tech products ensure comfort and safety of use.


Innovation and passion

to create

The owner of MyScreenPROTECTOR from the very beginning cares about progressiveness and creativity in creating new solutions
for the professional protection of mobile phones.


New technology

MyScreenPROTECTOR products are based on laser cutting technology, thanks to which users have a
wide selection of modern products to choose from, and the brand has established itself as a world leader in screen protection.

  • Protection against damage

  • Attention to the comfort of use and model availability

  • The best materials for the production of hybrid glasses

  • The easiest application methods

  • Specialized solutions

  • The highest standard of screen protection against breakage

  • Protection of the device against damage and scratching

  • High aesthetic standards

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MyScreenPROTECTOR products reach millions 

of users on six continents from Poland.


In addition to standard security, the brand offers a lot of additional solutions, such as:

  • Eliminating fingerprints

  • Protection against bacteria, dust, and glare

  • Protection against the harmful effects of blue light

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Global Image

The company cares about the image of the MyScreenPROTECTOR brand in the world by presenting its products at the most prestigious international trade fairs and participating in most of the world's mobile technology exhibitions.

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