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The largest wholesale offer of GSM accessories in Poland

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Are you looking for the highest quality exceptional GSM phone accessories?
If so, you couldn't find better :)

You will find the largest selection of GSM accessories, parts and gadgets for phones in Poland. Our products will not only enrich your offer but thanks to their uniqueness and the highest quality they will allow you to gain a group of new satisfied customers and make existing ones happy.

We dedicate our products to customers who value the aesthetics of workmanship. We guarantee the best quality, selected and unique GSM accessories from reputable manufacturers.

As a supplier and manufacturer of GSM accessories, we guarantee not only the largest range of GSM accessories but also professional advice and the lowest wholesale prices.

We offer, among others accessories for protecting mobile phones and tablets (cases, covers, protective foils, tempered glass), peripherals (chargers, batteries, power banks, headphones, cables, memory cards), laptop bags, as well as gadgets (armbands, kidneys, bicycle panniers, reflectors).


for smartphones and tablets

Modern and original cases, covers, cases, cases, holsters, the case for phones and tablets for all models


Energetics and ecological

Hundreds of models of chargers, power banks, compatible with the most popular phones available immediately.


holders for comfort

Convenient phone holders for the car or bicycle. We also offer extremely handy selfie handles.


so useful adapters

Phone adapters. These are GSM accessories that should not be missing in your store.


glass and foils

Tempered glass, protective films for phones and tablets from the world's largest producers.


live with the music

In our offer, among others, earphones, headphones, wired, wireless headphones and amazing speakers.


cables for all models

Transfer data and charge your phone using reliable cables from our warehouse.


Data safety

Secure your data on the highest quality memory cards.

Famous global brands

We work with both the largest producers in the world as well as smaller and new brands. However, we only choose producers who bring the highest quality and original products to the GSM accessories market, which is why we guarantee our clients the highest quality products.


Join us

We have prepared our offer based on over a decade of experience so that it will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Every day, our team of experts makes every effort to ensure that our offer includes the necessary, popular and fashionable GSM accessories for mobile phones and tablets.

Every day unique

news that you can't miss.

Browse subsequent deliveries and don't miss current offers..

Our discounts are great accessories at the lowest prices

Browse offers from reputable global


By working with us, you gain access not only to the largest range of accessories in Poland (over 15,000 products) at the best prices in Poland, but also:


  • Easy ordering option

  • Rapid delivery of ordered products

  • Unique loyalty programs for regular customers

  • Professional advice from our specialists. You no longer have to guess what your customers need. Our advisers will be happy to help you

  • Special discount offers for regular customers

  • Regular notifications about new products

  • The joy of shopping in the largest wholesalers in Poland;)

GSM accessories for every occasion

Cases, covers, holsters, cases and many, many more


High-quality original GSM accessories for the car. Grips, adapters, chargers and much, much more will make you use your phone safely.

Our offer has been prepared in such a way
so that it precisely meets the needs of your customers.

A unique sales system, attractive discounts for regular partners and frequent sales of our products.

All you have to do is create an account on our website and gain the status of a wholesale customer.

From now on you have a wide range of GSM accessories and various gadgets - various types of covers (rubber, leather, silicone, gel), tempered glass, power banks, cables, and handles. Car and sports equipment (for cyclists and runners).


If you have questions,
we are happy to help

Call to us or write today. 
Welcome and enjoy your shopping.

Wioletta Wiatr

helpline: 422144250

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